Services: HVOF

HVOF Properties:
The unmatched performance of TMT "Super" SR73 coatings lies in the unique design of the thermal spray gun and coating selection.

The TMT "Super" SR73 thermal spray gun is a proprietary design that incorporates the latest technology to achieve extremely high energies. This is accomplished through the acceleration of coating powder particles in a shrouded and essentially oxygen-fee stream of combustion gases with velocities exceeding Mach 3 and temperature in the 4000-5000F range.

HVOF Benefits:
Use of higher velocity particles reduces need to perform roughening at high grit blast pressures resulting in less grit inclusion at interface improving adhesive strength.

Higher velocity particles lead to carbide coatings with negligible porosity.

Reduced porosity, oxide inclusions and brittleness provides improved finishing capabilities.

High deposition rate reduce heat input into the part.

Reduced residual stresses allow thicker, more ductile (tougher) carbide coatings to be applied.



  • Aerospace:
    Variable Vane Actuator Piston - Hard Chrome Applications - Fuel Control Flyweight Wear - Worn Journal Restoration
  • Oil Drilling / Production:
    Downhole Drill Bit Cone - Sucker Rod Plungers
  • Oil / Chemical Refining:
    Centrifugal Pump Housing - Centrifugal Pump Impeller - Thermowells
  • Mining:
    Rock Bit - Slurry Pumps
  • Utilities:
    Steam Turbine Diaphram - Steam and Gas Turbine Shaft and Seal



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