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Diffusion Alloy Properties:
Diffusion alloy is a layer of intermetallic compound(s) formed by the addition of elements to the surface of a part under controlled conditions of temperature, time and atmosphere. The simultaneous reaction of those elements combine to form the new material, which in reality is not a "coating", but an actual conversion of the surface.
Diffusion Alloy

TMT has the ability to perform ALL diffusion alloy processes. We also create new systems tailored to meet the needs of the manufacturer or end user. Whether used alone or combined with other coating systems, reduction of the effects of wear, erosion, corrosion, or galling is the end result.

Erosion resistant diffusion alloys have added years to the lives of steam turbines, while surfaces resistant to hot gas corrosion have added thousands of hours to the lives of gas turbines.

Diffusion alloy is not restricted to line of sight.

Diffusion Alloy


  • Steam Turbine:
    Nozzle Blocks - Nozzle Diaphragms - Nozzle Boxes - Steam Path - Blades - Bypass Valves
  • Ground Gas Turbines:
    Blades - Vanes - Transition Ducts - Stators
  • Chemical and Industrial:
    Pumps - Compressors - Control Valves - Piping
  • Aerospace Gas Turbines:
    Vanes - Blades - Stators - Combustion Chambers - Transition Ducts -
    Fuel Sheaths


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