TMT Research Development, Inc. was established in 1977, upon a foundation of knowledge and experience in materials and severe service protective coatings and applications. Originally located in Burbank, California, in 1983 TMT purchased a production facility in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley (20 min. from Burbank airport). In 1988 TMT added a production facility in Houston and in 1996 opened their new location at Smith River, California.

TMT began as a service organization with a charter to provide all industry with state-of-the-art protective coating systems for cost saving component life extension. These coating systems now include: diffusion alloying, high velocity thermal spray, plasma spray, electro-spark deposition (micro weld overlays), high temperature brazing, plasma-transferred arc and electroplating. Repairs and light manufacturing have been added in order to meet customer needs. TMT currently has full machining, welding, heat treating and grinding capability. TMT has developed and holds patents on numerous coatings, applications, and repairs used throughout industry. TMT is an authorized FAA repair station (accomplish repair on a number of part numbers using the processes developed. For a general overview of our coatings, select our services pages.

Full scale manufacturing was undertaken in 1987 by providing the aerospace industry with a superior first stage turbine guide vane and air cooling baffles for the commercial JT8D jet engine used to power the Boeing 727, 737 and McDonald Douglas DC-9 aircraft. By 1996, TMT had obtained FAA manufacturing approval for the high pressure turbine outer shroud segment used in the CFM56 commercial jet engine which powers the Boeing 737. TMT Currently holds PMA approval for over 35 parts for aircraft, helicoptor, and gas turbine applications. For an overview of our manufactured products, please visit our bulletins page.

Industries currently served by TMT include: aerospace, ground power generation, oil and gas production, refining and transmission, chemical and industrial plants, nuclear, motorsports, and others.

TMT Research

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